Is anyone surprised that Tilda Swinton is in a superhero movie with the word “strange” in the title? Me neither.


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First things first.  The title was not a slam.  I love Swinton, but Tilda wouldn’t be Tilda if her role wasn’t a tad off-center.

social services.jpg

That being said, I am so jazzed to see that Swinton is a part of one of Marvel’s newest efforts: Dr. Strange.

She’s taking on the role of the “Ancient One,” which looks like some serious stuff.  If I was excited for Benedict, I’m thrilled to see the two of them in theatres next October.

By the way, if the Dr. Strange trailer confused you as much as it did me, here’s a good place to start.

the ancient one.jpg

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The Hierarchy of Attractiveness


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Here’s a fact for you: If your face is really nice, I might act a little strange around you.  It’s just going to happen.

Everything is subjective of course, so personally, there are a few things that especially set me off. I won’t mention them because I’d rather not be considered prejudiced.  We all KNOW that everyone has something they kinda like a lot.  Mine are private.

But anyway, this fact becomes very important in moments where I have to, you know, interact with people.  I would never flirt with anyone, but nevertheless a drama/battle of nerves ensues in my brain, so I’ll do anything to keep my cool and evade that fiendish devil, embarrassment. Heavens forbid I get ~flustered~

To illustrate, I have made a hierarchy, complete with GIFs.  This one is applied to my life as a waitress. Enjoy.

1.Okay, let’s get this over with.

gif hair flip

At this point, the boy(s) in question aren’t gorgeous and I have absolute control. #Strut

2. Cute.

gif shrug

I have noticed the male species, but it’s still business as usual.

3. Second look.

gif what up

Ok, there’s cause for distraction here.

4. Well hi.

gif fiesta

So exciting to see a fresh, attractive face.  Shame I’m working.

5. Hello, my name is — Oh heyyyy.

gif wow

You better tip as good as you look, cuz danggg.

6. Ok, brace yourself, it’s a looker.

gif jgl elf

We have just left the safety of comfort and control and have wandered into stupidity.

7. Beautiful people. Again. Right.

gif fish face

Get your beautifulness ready for my… this.

8. I don’t have a chance.

gif what

How am I supposed to communication?

9. Did they just sit him in MY section?!

gif angry chris traeger

I just know I’m going to say something stupid. Here come ALL the stuttering.

10. I CAN’T.

gif im in love with you

Somebody better stop me, because next thing you know, something crazy like “Marry me” will fall out my mouth.


To all the servers out there trying to focus today on their jobs and not get psychologically and biologically hazed by the beautiful people you serve… good luck.




I’ve never kissed a boy, and now this??


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It’s been a while, so I wanted to share a Good Friday story told in the spirit of Easter. 😉


I’ve heard once before that Catholics try to keep Christ on the cross… I don’t really want to talk about that right now.  It seems to be one of the less pressing apologetic issues because to me all the answers are fairly obvious.  Yes, I want to remember the time Jesus spent on the cross, it was THE most significant moment of love demonstrated in the history of the world. It’s pretty important to us.

As a result, Catholics have a tradition of venerating the cross on Good Friday.  Often, most parishes will bring out an appropriately-sized crucifix for the faithful to venerate, usually with a kiss.

Several times though, my parish(es) has had a relic of the True Cross in their care.  Yes, a singular splinter of the wood Jesus was nailed to.

I’ll tell you, it’s always very powerful encountering a relic of Christ’s Passion.  There are quite a few in Rome. If you ever visit the Scala Sancta (the stairs Christ climbed to be condemned, recovered and brought back to Rome) you will understand.

This year, I would be so lucky.  Yes, I was able to venerate the relic of the True Cross.

However, you should understand: my relationship with the Lord is often cheeky in its most genuine form.  I find when we’re really close, He’ll often cheer me up and secretly surprise me, which is how any relationship should be, in my opinion.

[Cue the Good Friday story]

boy with flowers

I was in line with everybody else, trying to prepare myself interiorly, trying to genuinely present my love to the Lord.  I get so serious, but sometimes you forget your object of worship is an actual person too.  I thin that’s why He does this stuff. vvv

I am getting closer and I can see the cross right there – I believe the deacon was presenting it – and all of a sudden I have this thought:

“I’ve never even kissed a boy.  And now you’re asking me to do this?”

I’ve probably done this devotion like a dozen times, but for some reason I had just remembered how personal it is.  Like, in front of the whole  congregation you go up and kiss the cross.  Not that anyone is really watching you; they should all be praying, but still.

So I’m inching forward and I hear Him say, “So… are you gonna kiss me?”

Lol can you believe that???

Like a 14 year-old boy!  Well, I did go up and kiss His cross just like everyone else and then went back to my pew to wait for Holy Communion, which is even more spectacular,  but I just wanted to share that moment when I nearly laughed because Jesus Christ was teasing me from beyond the grave.  Like what? haha

gif kiss you



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Thought I’d catch up.


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So, the last few weeks have been a bit much.  The living at home post-grad life is usually amazing, but occasionally terrible.  Every day is a little different.  Just trying to figure out how to apply my talents + my degree to find the job I really want. So unique, I know.

ANYWAY.  I had about 12 days of work in a row until this Wednesday when I had a break. *sigh/brow wipe*  Still working on getting a regular schedule for my money job.

It’s been tough getting used to that job.  It’s surprising how difficult it’s been at times.  I think it’s mostly because the management is great and has some standards.  Not everyone does!

This week I’ve had everything from:

Guess we can’t take the drink home?


Yeah, we’d like another salsa, we don’t want to reach across the table.

Also, it’s amazing to know that now, with technology, everyone has their checks already at the table! Magic, I know.  I’m sorry, but if I’m clearly behind, take a peek at the screen and save me and yourself a little time. Please. Just, I’m begging you.

Did I mention 12 straight days?

gif beer me strength

Other days have been manageable.  I have been making the monies, so.

For example,  a few days ago, I had a table of a couple very kind women that said, AND I QUOTE:

You are one of the best waitresses I have ever had.

Yes, I wrote it down on the spot right in front of them.  You have to.  Those comments don’t come everyday.

By the way, to any table that I might screw over on service, I already assume you hate me, so just realize that I DO have a lot of good tables and good experiences, but I’m not perfect.

ALSO.  To the woman who told her husband that he was being a pain in the butt: Thank you. He was.

So right now, I’m basically just waiting for Zayn’s album to come out likeeee

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Go see Eddie fly!!


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Last night, I went to go see Eddie the Eagle at a 7:00 showing.  I was pretty excited for it, and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint!


Canada Olympic Park in Calgary

My dad went to the ’88 Olympics.  The ones in the movie.  I wonder if he ever heard the name Michael Edwards or “Eddie the Eagle” in passing.

I never knew much about skiing.  I’ve never done it.  And the Olympics always looked awesome and all that, and I’m all about the winter Olympics,  (They’re so exciting! And who doesn’t like watching the figure skating?) but it never registered how much some of the athletes risk to take part in the competitions.

I definitely have watched ski jumping, but I guess I always figured “They know what they’re doing.  It doesn’t look that scary.”

Oh. My. Gosh.

eddie the eagle from eggsy to eddie.png

Watching Taron Egerton act facing those huge hills looked terrifying!

While we’re on the subject of Taron Egerton’s acting, I thought he did a fantastic job.  I had no idea that it was the same guy who did Kingsmen!  His whole demeanor and the way he carried himself was completely different.  Might as well have been another person entirely.

It’s crazy.

I love movies like this because they motivate me to achieve my own goals.  If you want to achieve something, you gotta want it.  And there’s so many things I want in my life.

eddie the eagle rise up

It was refreshing to see someone fail again and again and again and again before they made the grade.  I feel like that A LOT so it’s heartening to realize that if you always give it another try, one of those is bound to take.

In my opinion, the best part of the movie is that it isn’t enough to prove others wrong.  Everyone in the theatre knew Eddie would.  Otherwise, what is even the point of the movie?

Ultimately, it wasn’t about being good enough for others.  It was about being the best you. For you.  Knowing you did your absolute best.


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I strongly recommend the film.  It was uplifting, it was fun, and Hugh Jackman did a fabulous spit-take towards the end.  Get your tail feathers in that theatre already!

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So I maybe got a little gasoline in my eye???


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Just before Valentines day this year I went to go visit my sister. She lives a couple hours away, so I had to fill up the car before I left. Naturally.

I’d say I was running predictably late. Like not horribly late, but late. Anyway, I stopped at this Shell… I think it was a Shell but I don’t remember.

I had cash so I thought, “Fill ‘er up!” Gas was $1.49, so go for it, right?  I’m just chillin’ in my winter dress enjoying the distinction it gives with my aviators.

(You know, when you say “a casual dress” people think of sundresses, but I’m here to tell you that a casual winter dress or two that are comfortable are where it is AT. Get some nice neutral leggings, a real comf scarf, fuzzy socks… You are SET.)

So I’m waiting… Watching the numbers climb up, but not so high since we were in the sweet spot of liquid fuel prices. :]

But I’m waiting, right? And this sound assaults my ears. You never wanna hear this sound at a gas station: dripping.


gif what

What?! What is going on? There was gas just going everywhere dribbling down the pump out of my car’s tank.

You know how the pump usually stops when your tank is full? It kind of jerks a little and makes a sound when the pump stops, and you continue on with your life and pay?  It didn’t stop. I couldn’t continue on with my life!!

I switched it off actually pretty fast.  I was impressed with myself.  However, in order to do that I had to physically touch the gasoline that was all over the nozzle.  It felt like death.  So I got some of the paper towel and I think a little of the cleaning solution (lol) to try and get some of it off real quick, but obviously I went in and washed them off in the bathroom as well.

It took a bit of doing, actually because every time I rinsed I could still smell it on my hand, specifically on my first fingers and thumb, which I used to pinch the gas nozzle off.  Well, I got most of it, but when I left I could still get a whiff of gasoline on my fingers.

After all that I still had to pay, so I went over to the cashier and told her about the situation with my pump as well, though she was a little weird about it.

“Are the pumps supposed to turn off? Like when it’s full?”

“Umm.” (like she didn’t give me a straight answer, but the answer is clearly YES)

gif the answer is yes

“Because… mine didn’t really do that…?”


“I don’t know if you guys need to do something about that…”

“Oh, so did it get on the ground?”

Yes, lady, it did.  You are lucky I shut it off so fast or it would have been EVERYWHERE.

“Uh yeah.”

“I guess we’ll have to get someone to clean all that up.”

You think?

Anyway, I was glad to get away, grab a latte, and be on my way to see my sister.  It was nearly two hours to get there, so plenty of time to forget about what had happened until I decided to rub my eye.

In my defense, my sister has three cats living in her apartment, which I am actually allergic to, though not unbearably.

So long story short, my eye’s capillaries reacted majorly to what might have been a little residue of hmmm well, gasoline.

gif angry peanuts

I was fine, I just looked like a bloody-eyed idiot for half the night.  Luckily, they had eye drops.


I know, I know, but really, you should see this movie.


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I had a day off last Friday. So this happened!! 😉

Before I saw this movie, I told one of my dear friends that I was going to see “that Benghazi movie.”  The response I got:


Nothing else was said, but I totally understood where that came from.  I felt every concern in that single “ugh.”

I was concerned myself! For one thing, I was afraid that people were going just because it was one of those military movies that would *gruff voice* “make ya proud to be an American,” which is to say that I was afraid it might be the kind of movie that merely satisfied some kind of primal need for revenge violence and self-satisfaction.  Whoops! I mean courage and determination. 😉

13 hours epic.jpg

I was also afraid that people would make this into something political (inevitably, people have, but what can you do?).  This could either be a commentary on foreign policy (inevitably there was some) or this could become a reason to hate other kinds of people (immigrants, refugees, etc.).

One of the biggest things I was worried about was the “awesome factor” overshadowing the “respectful factor.”  You know, the part where we remember that actual people died in this thing.

Sometimes I read reviews before I see them, sometimes I don’t.  This time I didn’t.  Perhaps subconsciously, I wanted to be detached from all preconceived notions before I saw it. I had my own ideas and concerns, but I wanted to be the one to judge.

Admittedly, what gave me the idea to see this movie in the first place:

13 hours j.jpg

Do I think that some people went simply because John Krasinski was in this movie? Absolutely I do.

Am I ashamed for admitting what I just admitted about my initial attraction to the movie? Not really, no.

John Krasinski made me curious enough to see the movie.  Otherwise, I don’t think I would have.  And then I would know absolutely nothing about any of this.  And I would have missed out.

To get to the things that worried me:

The Politics

The whole thing was kind of a classic “guy with limited power has better ideas than the guy who is actually supposed to be in charge.” And the US government was really nowhere to be found, which I guess is what happened anyway.

Someone could argue about the politics, but to me, the movie wasn’t too obnoxious about it.  It seemed like they were just trying to tell the story.

The Potential for Racism

Most of the movie was about the Americans being attacked by Libyans, so it’s not like the attackers are going to be portrayed as heroes, but given the situation, I was actually satisfied with Michael Bay’s portrayal of the people.  I understood from the movie that of the Libyan people, there are good people and there are people who are not so good.  As with ANY people group.

This was really tied up at the end where all the deaths were portrayed as they should have been: as a tragedy.  It was sad when the heroes died, and it was sad when the attackers died.

Yes, they did say “the bad guys” a million times, but I feel like that was just an attempt to get into the mentality of a soldier (whose job includes killing in order to protect… they have to be able to deal with it and talk about it somehow).  I think it was less of a specific labeling than a general way to refer to those who were threatening the peace.

At the end, a bunch of Libyan people were holding up signs.  Do you know what they said? “I’m sorry.”  That’s what satisfied me.  Peaceful Libyans.  I didn’t feel like anyone was demonized.  And that is how it should be.

The Possibility for Lack of Respect

I feel like this was addressed in the last section.  The fact is, people died in this situation.  The last thing that we should do is celebrate it with spectacle.  That’s why I really appreciated how the movie ended in a very low-key kind of way.

Yeah, I Think Not Seeing This is Missing Out

You know, sometimes I get annoyed when some people are so obsessed with the good that the military does that they forget that the countries where the soldiers fight contain good people as well.  Refugees and immigrants have really been on my heart lately because a lot of people don’t care about them at all.  And I have noticed that some of those people who don’t care would be the first to explain why the military is awesome.  I just got a little tired of hearing a select group talk like they were picking and chosing who to care about.

But this is what I really think: I believe that a soldier can be good or evil.  Because they are people.  And people can be good or evil.  But this movie really made me appreciate again the good that people, and soldiers, can do.

They had to be really brave.  And it was heartbreaking to see them away from their families.  I mean they made that call, but really, someone has to.

I know this turned into a pro/anti military thing…

Hey, it’s a military movie.  What did you expect?


Something we can all agree on: Pablo Schreiber looks remarkably like Luke Bryan

13 lukeluke bryan

… Well I think so anyway.

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“I’m a Monotheist.” … “okayyy”


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**WARNING: If I seem condescending, know that this entire post (rant) is solely from my perspective (a Catholic perspective) and I would be happy to discuss anything with anyone calmly and peacefully.  This is just a story about a particular situation and a particular vibe I was getting from a particular person.

It is rare that I have a post to make that goes with my apologetics stuff and my waitressing stuff, but here goes:

Today I was serving lunch at my place of work, minding my business and trying, if feebly, to suggestive sell at least a few more cents worth of teas and lemonades (no one spends S*** during lunchtime) as I worked towards getting out of there to a doctor’s appointment.  Needless to say, I was NOT expecting to have a highly theological discussion at the time.

But as it happened, my three-top table with the soups and salads needed their check, and as I was over there, the older man who was part of the party asked me if I was a student.  I informed him that I had, in fact, just graduated with a degree in English and Theology.

You know, whenever I pair the two, usually one of following happens:

  1. They ignore the fact that I said “Theology” and ask me if I’m going to teach English.
  2. They ask me what “Theology” is.
  3. They say “Huh. What are you going to do with that?”

This guy said ignored the fact that I said “English” and asked me if I was going into ministry.  He also asked me “what Bible college” I went to.

gif annoyed amy poehler

I was already mad at this point.

I should say ahead of time that everything about this encounter made me irrationally angry, but anyone who knows me really well knows that my religious beliefs are my rock and are as close to me as my heart.  Therefore, criticizing them is the most immediate route to either enraging me or breaking my heart, depending on my mood.  On a good day, I’ll be mildly concerned.


I was at work.

So all the assumptions that he had just made about me had to roll right off my shoulders and I had to smile and let him talk and be polite.

RECAP: He had just assumed that if I had studied theology that of course I would be looking for overt ministry (because according to him I probably should), that I had gone to the kind of school he had (i.e., one that teaches the Bible exclusively … he told me he had a theology degree too), and that the only people who actually study theology must be Protestant, or at least not Catholic, because apparently they automatically go to “Bible colleges” that teach… the Bible. I guess the teachings of the Church that date all the way back to the Apostles that are not contained in the Bible have no merit.

And apparently they don’t! Because this guy tried to tell me that Jesus was not/is not God.

This is what happened sequentially though:

After I told him that my university was actually a privately owned Catholic institution under the care of our Franciscan friars (plug for Franciscan! woot woot.) he sort of nodded at me with a secret kind of smile like he knew something I didn’t.  OK.

He then asked me if I had studied anything about monotheism.  I was incredibly confused at what exactly he was getting at, so I replied that my degree was pretty exclusively Catholic (Reminder: Catholics, Christians, Jews, and Muslims are all monotheistic, because it’s a WIDE MARGIN.  Second Reminder: Catholics fall underneath the category “Christian.” *I’ll get back to that some other time) but that I am interested in the beliefs of other peoples and would love to learn more.

He followed up with telling me that he was a monotheist.  I still wasn’t following, but here’s what he said as well as I can remember:

“You know, a lot of people believe in a Trinity.  They consider God as Three: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  But they are mistaken.  You see, Jesus never claimed to be God.  He did say ‘The Father and I are one,’ and the people said He was blaspheming, but He said ‘No, no, no.’ You see, He is just the son of the Father.  Read John 10, it’s really good.  You know what? I’m going to challenge you, go ahead and read it and see what you think.” (notice I capitalized every “He” 😉 )

gif frustrated rdj

Dude, you could not have interpreted John 10 more wrongly.

Also: The bold claims that he just made caused me to become annoyed to a degree no less than fantastical.  I was fantastically annoyed.  The pretension of this guy!

Let’s start from the top.

A lot of people believe in a Trinity.”

gif how dare you

Glad I’m just part of your “lot of people” but don’t you realize that the Trinity is a very widely accepted Truth?  Most actual Christians do believe in some form of this…

But they are mistaken

AKA, “You are wrong.”

jim halpert

K. Thanks for that, dude.

He is just God’s son.” (I had to lowercase here because that was actually his point.)

gif snape p(by the way… I didn’t. I wouldn’t. I would never.)

Well, you’re just a stupid dude in a restaurant.

Throughout this whole thing, I listened politely, but I could feel a response smile creep up on my face.  The kind of smile that hears his smile saying, “I know more than you” and replies, “Okay, dude, I’m sure you do.” And I’m thinking, just let me get through this.

I’m SURE the two ladies in his party could see everything going on.  Every social cue playing out on both of our faces.  They KNEW he was being a butt and I was tickeddd.  But they kept quiet and said not one word.

Basically they were this:

gif nikki minaj

And you know, it’s not so much that he disagreed with me.  I have many friends of all different religions.  I have Protestant friends, Atheistic friends, Muslim friends, etc.  I also appreciate that he had some backup for what he was talking about (even though he was completely wrong).

There were really only two things that got me.  These will always get me:

  1. time/place
  2. attitude

Wouldn’t those bother you too?

Well, to address the first, I was AT. WORK.  Did he think that I really had the presence of mind AT WORK to address his claims?  How about this: Did he really think that I had the TIME to do this? Right here right now? (I didn’t.)

When you are at work, is it appropriate to open a long discussion which will only be adequately finished to the detriment of one’s quality and completion of work? Nope.

gif cameron

So do NOT do that to me.  I’m sorry, but when I’m serving, I gotta go.  I gotta do a million and one things more pressing than talking to your face or else I have no money.  To you it may be a quaint little brunch, but to me it’s food on the table (MY food for MY table).

I could not have sufficiently explained my position, which he wouldn’t have accepted anyway and I will tell you why.

Because he had BIG FAT ATTITUDE.

It’s not always the volume level of the voice.  He was perfectly calm, but you still feel that attitude when it’s in the room.  He had that knowing smile, I already mentioned.  Even if I had closed my eyes I could have seen it.  He also had a very condescending word choice.  He was going to “challenge” me.  Like I was an 8th grader and he was dangling extra credit for my pop quiz in front of my face.

I’m sorry, but I know he was wrong because I’ve studied what Aquinas has said on the very question that that dude brought up to me because St. Thomas Aquinas commented on it hundreds of years ago:

you are wrong

If our roles were reversed and I was explaining something true to him (he was not explaining anything true to me) or even if I was making the same exact wrong point that he was but I considered it to be true, I would have spoken seriously without smiling… because it’s not funny… and simply offered what I knew.  I would not have treated someone else like a child.

I didn’t deserve that.

so... tangled gif

All in all, it just made me sad that he held something completely inaccurate as part of his belief system and I didn’t have the chance to really do anything about it.

I think it was meant to happen though, because now I am praying for him.  And it reminded me how much I care about my faith.  AND… it caused me to start writing another article about the whole theological question.

But really… I love you and Jesus loves you.