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It’s been a while, so I have two little tiny stories to hopefully brighten your day just a little tiny bit.

I’ll tell the one about the frog first, actually.

I was at the very end of a run a couple days ago.  I had luckily nothing in my stomach, or precious little in it, because it was a long run.  Nearly 5 miles.  (I’m training for a 10K which is 6.2 miles.)


So I planned my run to end at the park so I could walk the nice bits home in the shade and see the pond.  Well, there’s a bit of a hill on one side of the pond and I had two minutes to go, so I’m really pushing it to try and get to the top of the hill and start my cool  off already.

Me: Ok, only two minutes. Not long.  I got this. Here we go. We’re going. Go go go… How much time has passed? 20 seconds? Ok cool. Ugh. *breathe in and out* *in and out* What the crap?!?!

I actually squealed a little bit.  There was a squished up frog on the road! Right where I was running, so I had to hop awkwardly over it.  It was like *leap* *gag gag gag*.

I’m sure I looked fantastic. LOL it gets me just thinking about it.  My endorphins are going and frogs have been one of my favorite animals since I was a little thing. They’re like an emotional animal for me. So I wanted to cry and gag at the same time because  I just didn’t expect it at all. Lol I was dyingggg.

Next thing was the day after.

I walked down to the same park, and went over to where the spillway is for the pond.  It’s actually not far from the spot where the frog episode occurred.

I often photograph the spillway.  I observe it.  I note how low the water is or how high it is.  You know, I check up on my place. 😉


Well, there was a duck on the spillway.  It was just sitting there minding its business when another duck swims up.  I had just walked up to this scene.

I guess I’m kind of a stinker because I was thinking: “What happens if that duck just runs into the other one and pushes it over???”  And just like a freaking dream come true, that’s what happened!!

The duck goes flailing down the spillway.  Like “SQUAWWWWWWKKK!”

It’s a bit of a drop, so that definitely ruffled his feathers.  It was hilarious from my  view though.  He just jumps back up, flapping and squawking to his little perch there on the ledge, and I continued with my walk.

That was the pinnacle of park moments.  The kind of thing that happens once in a lifetime. It could have happened at an time and it happened when I showed up. Yas.

That’s what I got for now.