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finding dory

  1. Ellen DeGeneres
    1. Basically, this is how I feel:

If there has ever been a better voice performance in an animated film than Ellen DeGeneres’ in Pixar’s wonderful sequel “Finding Dory,” I sure can’t think of it.


I mean, the talent here is truly amazing!  My mom says that she thinks acting is really good when you forget that the character is not real.  For me, that happened in this movie.  Ellen was Dory and she brought Dory’s bright personality, troubling self-doubt, and surprising wisdom to life in a way that has people saying it’s one of the best vocal performances of its kind.


2.  I laughed.

I didn’t really go to the movie expecting to laugh so much, but I was dying! “Finding Dory” had a comedic rhythm that would not quit!!  From Marlin to Nemo to Becky (oh my gosh!!!) to Bailey to Hank to Destiny to Sigourney Weaver (I know!) to Cleveland (I know this list is getting out of control), everyone got a slice of the action.  You’ll be chuckling throughout.


3. I cried.

crying community

I am actually not kidding.  I do not cry in movies.  Hardly ever.  I didn’t cry in Up, didn’t cry in Tangled, didn’t even cry during The Fault in Our Stars.  But I did cry in Finding Dory.  For about 10 seconds, the feels were so real.

4. It moved me, Bob.

If you didn’t get the reference from reasons 2, 3, and 4, you haven’t seen enough VeggieTales in your life.

What was so shocking to me was that I really could personally relate to some of the problems Dory was having.  I don’t have a behavioral disability, but I think everyone experiences some self-doubt.  For those of you out there who may have a little more than your fair share of this crippling issue, this movie will resonate for you too.

It wasn’t simply that Dory couldn’t remember, it was the question of guilt that gave this conflict depth.

5. Cuteness

dory as a baby

On a lighter, yet still heart-breaking note, baby Dory is the cutest animated entity you will probably ever encounter.  Period.

6. The animation

The first film was partly so successful because of all the pioneer animation done because of the story’s setting.  It’s kind of like when they say that New York is also a character in so many movies.  #thatoceantho

It was a bit of a surprise that so much of the film took place out of the water, but it made for some really fun shenanigans and the animation of this film only gets better than the last one.



7. The characters

Sometimes you don’t like to meet a bunch of new people.  But in this movie, I promise, you fall in love with everyone you meet.  Sure, some characters were only interesting for their comedic value and seemed convenient to help the plot along, but  both of Dory’s parents and Hank the septapus (lol) definitely steal the show when it comes to characterization.

Don’t worry. You’ll still love traveling with Marlin and Nemo,  and of course all kinds of new light is shed on our favorite blue tang.

8. The script

The film is filled with touching moments, and surprisingly, I never felt that one was ingenuine.  Dory may have recalled key moments from her childhood at points that would help her, but every moment seemed triggered by a need for specific emotional support, which was deftly portrayed and heart-breakingly real, thanks to the animation team and voice talents of Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy.

9. The score

I loved the music from Finding Nemo so much, I came back for more. 😉

10. DUH.

This was one of the most beloved movies of our budding childhood.  After the days of The Lion King, Pocahontas, and Toy Story, it was all about Finding Nemo.  (And The Incredibles.)  Why wouldn’t you go see it?

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