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This post is about 3 songs that I fell in love with again thanks to Lip Sync Battle featuring LL Cool J.  I listen to all of them now on the regular, and you should too actually.  I’ve included the Lip Sync clips because picturing their faces is what made me love these again. 😉

“Proud Mary” by Tina Turner

Oh, this one’s been around forever.  I just never bothered until John Krasinski had something to do with it.  Sad, but now this is my go-to for work pump-up tunes.  It gets me out of bed.

“/Workin’ for the man every night and day/”

John does a perfect Tina Turner lol.  I’ll post as many references and to and gifs about this as I possibly can.  (You may have noticed already. hehe)

Also, if you don’t wanna see Anna Kendrick perform J. Lo’s “Booty,” you don’t have to.  It’s the second half.  Although, it’s actually less… *ahem* skanky (pardon me) than a few performances I’ve seen on this show. Looking at you, Josh Peck.  Also, Anna Kendrick is perfect.


I strongly recommend the other video from that show where Anna does “Steal My Girl” and John performs  “Bye Bye Bye.” It’s fantastic.

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

I had heard this one before, but that was in middle school.  I didn’t really appreciate all of its dramatic potential until this clip with Victoria Justice.  Low key I kinda miss her.



“I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness

Now this one, I had no idea existed before Gregg Sulkin alerted me to its falsettic glory.  I’m making that a word.

Apparently it was released in 2003 and the band, The Darkness, formed in 2003, when the only music I listened to was Lord of the Rings and Jaci Velasquez.  Shout out to Jaci.  I included another video of it so you can see the lyrics and know what the heck is going on… even though it contains egregious grammatical errors.

Happy listening!!