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It’s been a while, so I wanted to share a Good Friday story told in the spirit of Easter. 😉


I’ve heard once before that Catholics try to keep Christ on the cross… I don’t really want to talk about that right now.  It seems to be one of the less pressing apologetic issues because to me all the answers are fairly obvious.  Yes, I want to remember the time Jesus spent on the cross, it was THE most significant moment of love demonstrated in the history of the world. It’s pretty important to us.

As a result, Catholics have a tradition of venerating the cross on Good Friday.  Often, most parishes will bring out an appropriately-sized crucifix for the faithful to venerate, usually with a kiss.

Several times though, my parish(es) has had a relic of the True Cross in their care.  Yes, a singular splinter of the wood Jesus was nailed to.

I’ll tell you, it’s always very powerful encountering a relic of Christ’s Passion.  There are quite a few in Rome. If you ever visit the Scala Sancta (the stairs Christ climbed to be condemned, recovered and brought back to Rome) you will understand.

This year, I would be so lucky.  Yes, I was able to venerate the relic of the True Cross.

However, you should understand: my relationship with the Lord is often cheeky in its most genuine form.  I find when we’re really close, He’ll often cheer me up and secretly surprise me, which is how any relationship should be, in my opinion.

[Cue the Good Friday story]

boy with flowers

I was in line with everybody else, trying to prepare myself interiorly, trying to genuinely present my love to the Lord.  I get so serious, but sometimes you forget your object of worship is an actual person too.  I thin that’s why He does this stuff. vvv

I am getting closer and I can see the cross right there – I believe the deacon was presenting it – and all of a sudden I have this thought:

“I’ve never even kissed a boy.  And now you’re asking me to do this?”

I’ve probably done this devotion like a dozen times, but for some reason I had just remembered how personal it is.  Like, in front of the whole  congregation you go up and kiss the cross.  Not that anyone is really watching you; they should all be praying, but still.

So I’m inching forward and I hear Him say, “So… are you gonna kiss me?”

Lol can you believe that???

Like a 14 year-old boy!  Well, I did go up and kiss His cross just like everyone else and then went back to my pew to wait for Holy Communion, which is even more spectacular,  but I just wanted to share that moment when I nearly laughed because Jesus Christ was teasing me from beyond the grave.  Like what? haha

gif kiss you



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