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So, the last few weeks have been a bit much.  The living at home post-grad life is usually amazing, but occasionally terrible.  Every day is a little different.  Just trying to figure out how to apply my talents + my degree to find the job I really want. So unique, I know.

ANYWAY.  I had about 12 days of work in a row until this Wednesday when I had a break. *sigh/brow wipe*  Still working on getting a regular schedule for my money job.

It’s been tough getting used to that job.  It’s surprising how difficult it’s been at times.  I think it’s mostly because the management is great and has some standards.  Not everyone does!

This week I’ve had everything from:

Guess we can’t take the drink home?


Yeah, we’d like another salsa, we don’t want to reach across the table.

Also, it’s amazing to know that now, with technology, everyone has their checks already at the table! Magic, I know.  I’m sorry, but if I’m clearly behind, take a peek at the screen and save me and yourself a little time. Please. Just, I’m begging you.

Did I mention 12 straight days?

gif beer me strength

Other days have been manageable.  I have been making the monies, so.

For example,  a few days ago, I had a table of a couple very kind women that said, AND I QUOTE:

You are one of the best waitresses I have ever had.

Yes, I wrote it down on the spot right in front of them.  You have to.  Those comments don’t come everyday.

By the way, to any table that I might screw over on service, I already assume you hate me, so just realize that I DO have a lot of good tables and good experiences, but I’m not perfect.

ALSO.  To the woman who told her husband that he was being a pain in the butt: Thank you. He was.

So right now, I’m basically just waiting for Zayn’s album to come out likeeee

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