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Just before Valentines day this year I went to go visit my sister. She lives a couple hours away, so I had to fill up the car before I left. Naturally.

I’d say I was running predictably late. Like not horribly late, but late. Anyway, I stopped at this Shell… I think it was a Shell but I don’t remember.

I had cash so I thought, “Fill ‘er up!” Gas was $1.49, so go for it, right?  I’m just chillin’ in my winter dress enjoying the distinction it gives with my aviators.

(You know, when you say “a casual dress” people think of sundresses, but I’m here to tell you that a casual winter dress or two that are comfortable are where it is AT. Get some nice neutral leggings, a real comf scarf, fuzzy socks… You are SET.)

So I’m waiting… Watching the numbers climb up, but not so high since we were in the sweet spot of liquid fuel prices. :]

But I’m waiting, right? And this sound assaults my ears. You never wanna hear this sound at a gas station: dripping.


gif what

What?! What is going on? There was gas just going everywhere dribbling down the pump out of my car’s tank.

You know how the pump usually stops when your tank is full? It kind of jerks a little and makes a sound when the pump stops, and you continue on with your life and pay?  It didn’t stop. I couldn’t continue on with my life!!

I switched it off actually pretty fast.  I was impressed with myself.  However, in order to do that I had to physically touch the gasoline that was all over the nozzle.  It felt like death.  So I got some of the paper towel and I think a little of the cleaning solution (lol) to try and get some of it off real quick, but obviously I went in and washed them off in the bathroom as well.

It took a bit of doing, actually because every time I rinsed I could still smell it on my hand, specifically on my first fingers and thumb, which I used to pinch the gas nozzle off.  Well, I got most of it, but when I left I could still get a whiff of gasoline on my fingers.

After all that I still had to pay, so I went over to the cashier and told her about the situation with my pump as well, though she was a little weird about it.

“Are the pumps supposed to turn off? Like when it’s full?”

“Umm.” (like she didn’t give me a straight answer, but the answer is clearly YES)

gif the answer is yes

“Because… mine didn’t really do that…?”


“I don’t know if you guys need to do something about that…”

“Oh, so did it get on the ground?”

Yes, lady, it did.  You are lucky I shut it off so fast or it would have been EVERYWHERE.

“Uh yeah.”

“I guess we’ll have to get someone to clean all that up.”

You think?

Anyway, I was glad to get away, grab a latte, and be on my way to see my sister.  It was nearly two hours to get there, so plenty of time to forget about what had happened until I decided to rub my eye.

In my defense, my sister has three cats living in her apartment, which I am actually allergic to, though not unbearably.

So long story short, my eye’s capillaries reacted majorly to what might have been a little residue of hmmm well, gasoline.

gif angry peanuts

I was fine, I just looked like a bloody-eyed idiot for half the night.  Luckily, they had eye drops.