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Dogs make it awkward….

I frequently go on walks and runs around my neighborhood, right?  It just helps keep me from going stir-crazy and is pretty decent exercise.

Well yesterday, I was just trying to partake of such energy expenditures, as is my wont.  I usually don’t go through the alley, but I did and it was fine, except I hear barking as I pass one fenced-in backyard and I continued jogging, casually looking back to see what Terrier (or possibly Labrador) made that sound.

It was casual, I was casual. Except nope, I wasn’t because there were two GIANT A** St. Bernards practically climbing over the fence! I bet they had the taste of human flesh!

st bernard.JPG


I shrieked like a little girl and ran away.  I didn’t die.  They didn’t get me.  But I did almost turn my ankle tripping on a rock later in my run.

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