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So I have recently started work at a different restaurant, one that I can’t exactly name because I agreed not to talk about it by name in social media (including my secret-ish blog) but I can say that it’s a Tex-Mex joint.  That’s it.  I’ll call it Tex-Mex Land… yeah sounds good.

I don't think we're at Steak 'n Shake anymore, Toto.

I don’t think we’re at Steak ‘n Shake anymore, Toto.

I will say that it’s definitely a step up from what I’m used to.  For one thing, there are a crap ton more menu items.  And I can serve drinks now. DRINKS!  Which is SO weird.  It’s odd not to have to worry about shakes and now instead I need to consider whether or not to card someone and what the heck they put in all those fruity things.

However, I am already feeling quite at home with the staff.  So far I think I have 3 favorites, which is to say that I pretty much love everyone. Anyway…


Story time!

Day 1

First follow shift.  I was actually following one of my old buddies (Yes, I actually happen to have friends at this establishment. The odds.)  around and listening to all her advice on how to do stuff.  It actually makes you feel like quite a baby, but I’m too scared to go it alone just yet.  I have about two more days until that happens.

So we’re leaving some stuff in the dish and I decide to reach up and grab my to-go cup and get some water, but I freaking knock over someone’s can of Monster and it’s sloshing all over the joint like a flipping neon green waterfall cuz it’s up real high on the shelf.

I’m like “S#!T”.  Let me just get it together, pick up the Monster and I’m looking around for some paper towels and my friend’s already left to do stuff and I’m left behind knocking someone else’s crap over.

So I’m looking around, my eggs ALL scrambled and crap and I’m trying to get it together and I see I’m not alone.  The dish guy is just kinda looking, like not judging, but he totally just saw everything and I’m trying to apologize and stuff but he told me not to worry about it, so I moved on… kind of.

cu;I go over to get water with my cup like I planned, but ~DANG IT~ unbeknownst to me, there was a hole in the bottom of my cup!! How it got there, I have no clue, but as soon as I fill up my cup with water, my friend sees me like “Whoa! There’s water pouring out of your cup!” I’m a fluster as I realize the same fact.  And this is in the middle of everything.  Like the server station is actually really close to the back where all cooks are, so some of them see me too, just dribblin’ everywhere and in general, a mess.  There’s some chuckling I’d say and it pretty much just scuttled over to the nearest trash can and chucked it.  No hydration for me I guess.

All this made me feel pretty stupid because I already stand out while being new, so I definitely complained to my friend like “bet they all think I’m a mess already.” Blahhh.

Well, apparently, everyone is guaranteed to love me because I’m “sweet and a good worker” so I don’t know, but we’ll see when I actually get on the floor all by myself, because I KNOW (from past experience) you gotta make a few mistakes before you get really good at your job.

here goes a hot mess

here goes a hot mess

I’m going in tonight so… good luck to me? 😉


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