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Birdy, or Jasmine van der Bogaerde

  1.  She started writing music at age 8.
  2. Her stage name is a nickname from infancy. (Her real name is Jasmine, which is also gorgeous.
  3. Birdy’s a college gal!
  4. The girl is unique! In the words of Blake Shelton 😉 “There’s really no other artist like [her].”
  5. I bet you didn’t know she can play the theremin. (What even is that?)
  6. She draws.
  7. She’s not a fame-chaser.  Birdy flies 😉  under the radar much of the time.  This means that we hear news of her less, but it also means that she’s focused on her personal life, which earns big respect from  me.
  8. She’s soft-spoken and sweet. (See any of her interviews ever.)
  9. She kills it musically on both original songs, and covers, bringing her lovely artistry everywhere she goes.
  10. Birdy is crazy good live, which is obvious if you visited that last link (not Skinny Love).
  11. She is literally beautiful.
  12. She’s got a new album in the works!  Her third album is set to be released this March. 😀  She’s already released a new single.

Bottom line: You should love her.