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Resurrection is already impressing me.  I was told by a friend “The beginning is funny and then it gets very Russian.  An apt description.

I was concerned at first because it didn’t seem funny at all except in a very satirical, dry kind of way, but it picked up. 😉  Anyway, it starts with this chick, Maslova, who’s in jail at the mo.  She’s on her way to court.  She seems like the Fantine type, you know, like the prostitute with the heart of gold.  I believe chapter two said she had to options in life, one where she could work in a serving job and be humiliated daily, the other was… you know.  But she’d have pretty dresses.  And she likes dresses.  That made me smile.  She’s a simple girl.  I think I’m going to like her. Well, the thread hasn’t come back to her yet.

Let’s talk Nekhlyudov.

This. Guy.

Oh my goodness let me tell you about this guy.  He’s hysterical.

I got right away this simple fact: guy think’s he’s the s***.  Sorry for the crudeness, but that’s about it in a nutshell.  I love him.

He’s known as a prince formally, so that sure doesn’t deescalate things.  Nekhlyudov is also very wealthy and carries himself like no other.

Look here, you won’t get the full effect unless I put in a short passage:

“Had he been asked why he considered himself superior to the majority of people he could not have given an answer; the life he had been living of late was not particularly meritorious. He knew quite well that the fact of his speaking English, French, and German with a good accent, and of his wearing the best linen, clothes, ties, and studs, bought from the most expensive dealers in these goods, could not serve as a reason for claiming superiority. At the same time, he did claim superiority, accepted it as his due the respect paid him, and was hurt if he did not get it.”

Resurrection p. 18

Is this guy not the best?? I can tell from here that we’re gonna get some great lines from this guy.  And the character development! It shows promise.  It shows.

Buy this book! Start reading! You can get it anywhere 🙂

Tolstoy, Leo. Resurrection. New York: Barnes and Noble Inc., 2006. Print.