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Current pop icon.

Former children’s television actress.

Sex symbol.

Photo credit: https://www.yahoo.com/style/why-ariana-grande-preferring-the-left-side-of-her-face-97160673803.html

By now Ariana has her own signature look: always the high pony with a bold lip color and cat eyes that seem to leave her in an in-between breakaway phase from her acting career on Nickelodeon.


So have you heard her single?  I often ask myself how much of their current material do singers in the music industry consider their own and how much they feel is pushed upon them by the business.  And are they proud of their work?

No matter what you think about Ariana Grande, the girl has serious chops.  Able to maneuver through 4 complete vocal octaves, Ariana has the range to sing about anything she wants.  That being said, her current hit often featured on the radio, “Love Me Harder,” just does not leave me wanting more.

The song is innuendo inception.  There’s the explicit and then there’s the implicit.     I see two problems.

Problem #1 Sexual content

Now, there’s a time and place for every purpose under heaven, which is obvious if you’re either a Christian or a fan of the 1984 movie, Footloose.  That being said, sex is a closed-door situation, as in, it should be behind closed doors.  It does not need to be on the radio, as it clearly is in Ariana’s “Love Me Harder.”  Even replace one word and we see a dramatic difference.

 ‘Cause if you want to keep me, you gotta …

got to love me harder

This is followed by a lot of repetition in how he’s gotta, well, you know.

So at first, it’s almost like she’s going to share some pertinent information.  Maybe he’s holding back something.  She needs something… someone she can depend on? emotional availability? Good grief, possibly respect?  No, she’s just sexually insatiable.  And the lyrics only get more specific from there.

To be fair, this is not an attack on Grande, but the direction music is taking at large.  It can be unequivocally shown here that this generation is equating love with sex.  The words, although requiring alteration in this context, are used interchangeably.  But they’re not interchangeable, and frankly the materialistic reductionism presented here is a bit insulting.

Photo credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvo9z8NXrGM

Problem #2 Self-serving ideology

“If you want to keep me… if you really need me,” you gotta give me something first.  This is basically what the song boils down to.

This is a poisonous idea.  A couple that uses each other to satisfy personal desires exclusively is not a loving couple.  It is a leeching couple.  If the primary concern is “me,” then how on earth is the “you” going to get by?

People who love each other do not take from one another.  They give of themselves.

Does a couple seeking eternal fidelity need physical and emotional intimacy?  Yes.

Is this couple fulfilled by pursuing selfish requirements for gratification? No.

When we truly care for our loved ones more than we care for ourselves is when we will notice that no one is going anywhere. That’s when we’ll be convinced.