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Hahaha it’s not what you think. Let’s get one thing straight:


Always, ok ALWAYS, I’m forgetting EVERY. THING. In real life, I sometimes forget stuff, but in my dreams it’s impossible to remember anything.

So, I was dreaming about getting unsweetened (details are important) iced tea for table 19. It seems I’m always getting tea someone in my dreams and can never quite get it for inexplicable, extraneous reasons. So then I wake up massaging my heel at 5am to a stupidly hot room, which was incredibly annoying because I NEVER have trouble sleeping. One quest in the dark to turn on a free-standing fan later…

I fell back asleep to take table 8’s order. It happened to be a girl who wanted a milkshake (don’t remember what kind this time, sorry! Although it was probably Butterfinger since that’s what we’re currently out of…) and a triple steakburger. Not too difficult right? Wrong. Because THIS GUY was in the dining room.


How am I supposed to focus when I got Adam Levine randomly singing up in the joint? And I’m a big Maroon 5 fan so…

Long dream short… I got distracted singing “Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic with Adam Levine featuring Christina Aguilera on the drums, which was a huge mistake, by the way. But hey, I don’t even like Christina, so why she was there, I have no clue, but whatever.

Suffice it to say, that while I was having a ball, I eventually remembered about the poor girl at table 8 who still had no food and I returned to her, but she was pretty angry and I woke up in a calm sort of panic (if you’re a server, you know this feeling). Lovely start to my day off, huh?