Everyone who has worked in the restaurant business knows that after a while, there are things that you longer eat. Even if you’re not necessarily repulsed or anything, you would just rather go without. For me, it’s fries. I see them all day long and just lose interest. For some, it’s the chili. SO MANY PEOPLE order it. Blah. … Well, I still like the chili.
I should introduce one of my coworkers, Roger (not his real name). I consider him an ally to me. There are people who make your life easier and people who make it harder. He’s one of the former. Besides being nice to me and making me laugh, he used to save my butt all the time when I first started and would ring in orders late. One other thing, I like people who actually do their job and don’t complain about it because IT’S THEIR FREAKING JOB.

One of the things that gets me every time is when people order a “cup of the genuine chili.” They’ll read the menu, and tell me they want the “genuine chili” because that’s what the menu says. I always wanna look at them like this:


Like “Oh, now that I know you want the GENUINE chili, now I know what you need.” Like what.

I think when you’re around things so much, you take things for granted and certain things become obsolete if not complete BS just to keep up appearances. Is the adjective “genuine” too much to place in front of “chili?” Perhaps not, but when Roger called out (not too loudly) today, “Here’s your g**d***** chili,” I smiled in secret agreement.