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An except of some correspondence with a dear friend of mine…
It will do for my story of the day…

First, last night a very large, disgruntled white man walked with purpose up to the counter where I was rolling silverware at about 8pm. I looked at him in expectation and sure enough, he spoke: “I need to see a manager.” He was so offended that I hurriedly turned around to go find Aaron, our night manager, who I like a lot because he’s not ridiculous like so many people who work at Steak ‘n’ Shake are. We both walked back up to the counter and I continued my work with the silverware while Aaron greeted the big scary man. I was able to hear him speak. Aaron sort of just quietly complied so I didn’t hear anything from him until the man left, and you’ll understand why after I’ve typed up the speech of this man.

“I was in the drive-thru and I asked for crispy fries. *holds up a fry and wiggles it to display maximum floppiness* I saw the girl who took my order pick up the fries and set them down for 10 minutes while I waited. They are not crispy and they were cold. When I told her this, she got pissed and turned around and shouted ‘I need crispy fries!’ and then slammed the window in my face. I want my money back. I will go to another Steak ‘n’ Shake. She can kiss my ass.”


Now, of the two of us, (sorry) you are the one who exaggerates and misquotes. Not I. So you’ll know that all of this was true. I know which girl was on drive-thru that night and she has a disinterested look about her in general, and she’s a bit blunt so I can see why the man was upset, plus his wait on the food didn’t do his patience any favors either, but the way he handled the situation was less than pleasant and one of the reasons why I hate being in charge. I don’t wanna handle people like THAT. I was just glad that Aaron could handle it and I just continued with my head down. Aaron wasn’t very pleased about it. But he only said so after that guy had left.
After all this, I felt a bit wary of anyone else coming up for a while, so when a plumpish African-American man came up to pay for his food, I was delighted, but my face probably didn’t show it because I was very serious about getting the exact change for him. And my face anyway isn’t very inviting when I am focused. I’ve heard this from several different coworkers. I look mean. Anyway, I was exceedingly apologetic I guess. I felt bad for him because his check was like $6.72 and he had a hard time finding the right credit card, which had only like $1.17 anyway. He ended up having to break a $50 bill. :/ I could see from his name tag that he was our neighbor. 🙂 I mean he worked at Bob Evan’s. I told him that I loved getting free refills on the hot chocolate in winter time, which seemed to please him. He asked me if I liked working at Steak ‘n’ Shake, which I affirmed, of course. For all the crap I deal with, I still enjoy it. I didn’t tell him the crap part though. Then he told me I

should smile more then. But I bet you get that from your husband all the time.


That made me happy. I laughed and said I wasn’t married. He looked surprised and commented on how nobody in IL is apparently. He’s not from here. I understood his meaning and said I’d never been married either. He then asked me how old I was (apparently I should be married or something). I said 19, and that I’m a smart girl (for not being married), but not wanting to offend or give the wrong impression, I said I still have my eyes open. He laughed and said “Always keep your eyes open.” He was nice. I bet he’d be a fun uncle. He looked like he was old enough to have a few kids.
Well, there wasn’t much to tell there, but I like telling stories. Oh, and I hope you don’t think that the guy was creepy or anything, because he wasn’t. I’m a pretty foolish girl, but sometimes I can tell when people are being genuine, and I think he was. It made me smile…

Much love, readers. 😉