I guess I’m new to this, and I am indeed an English major currently enrolled in a creative writing class, but I just wanted a blog to talk about Sherlock or something (and I undoubtedly will later, don’t worry).

I knew I had stuff to say, but golly l didn’t expect all this poetry. I’ve probably written 5 poems in the last week; not all were posted, of course. And I’ve always appreciated poetry, but I never wrote that much of it myself. Geez Louise. I don’t know what the deal is but apparently a significant amount of bloggers do this too. I didn’t know there was such a big portion of bloggers that express themselves in poetry too.

I think it comes from writing love letters. I’ve written some pretty fantastic ones, in my own mind anyway. The words are like wine to me. I curl up with words like “darling” and “lovely.” They’re my favorites and they seriously affect me in a very tangible way. Right now, the only one I can write those to is Jesus, and I guess now, I could write them in poetry for anyone who will put up with them.

Drink on, poetry connoisseurs. I myself have opened another bottle.