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My love was a summer’s dream,
but he was fantastic, was he not?

My love traveled the mountains and plains,
but did he not always come back to my arms?

My love had eyes that would have cried if I’d let them,
but did they not twinkle and wink as well?

My love was a crazy trainwreck,
but did he not set his own course?

My love took my heart to terrifying heights,
but did he not teach it to fly?

My love teased me so,
but did he not laugh it all off in love with me?

My love was surprised by my conditions,
but did he not honor them as law?

My love was terrified of losing friends,
but did he not keep them close?

My love wanted to leave his mark,
but did he not mean more than he could ever know?

My love had such unfathomable aspirations,
but did he not face them all running uphill?

My love had difficulties with his own family,
but did he not have the makings of a wonderful father?

My love did not cherish authority,
but did he not adore our Heavenly Father?

My love questioned my beliefs,
but did he not possess unshakeable faith?

And my love left me with my heart crushed,
but did he not deliver it to Jesus?

He did.